Projects Update at the Fairest Garden

Fairest Garden Project head Mary Green had a big vision this summer: creating handicap access to the Fairest Garden. Thanks so much to our community partners Bryan Rock Products for contributing the stone blocks for our new sidewalk and Oakdale Rental Center for the use of an awesome wet saw.

We started by removing the sod and several inches of dirt from the existing grass pathway and added class 5 gravel which was leveled and packed. Then came a layer of sand and we were ready to arrange and place our variety of bricks. Finally, all the edge stones were cut to fit and polymeric sand was vibrated into all cracks and crevices to stabilize and seal the new sidewalk. To finish the project, we rebuilt the stairway from the top of the hill to the sidewalk and added pavers to the upper tier. The results? Come visit and check it out!

NorthTech Irrigation has generously installed a “Water Wisely” irrigation system in the garden. This amazing technology provides drip irrigation with individually programed zones for each area.

Also new for the fair, each garden sign includes a QR code to identify the individual plants by snapping a pic on your phone with your QR app …. voila, plant lists! If you are not at the garden, you can check them out now by going up to the yellow header, select Gardening Information, “Fairest Garden Plant Identification.”